We aim to provide the world with the correct and timely information about gold rates. We are the most trusted website for Gold prices across the globe. Requires today’s Gold rate or history; we will provide you with all the information, with interactive charts and graphs. The above chart shows the Gold rates in Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) calculated based on per gram as per different purity or karat. The various kinds of purity or karat in which the gold is commonly sold in Kuwait are 18K, 21K, 22K, and 24K—relying upon the righteousness, the Gold rate is set in Kuwaiti dinar (KWD).

The gold prices are fixed daily, and they vary as per the market forces. Having the idea about the latest gold prices in Kuwait in Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) can assist you in determining the approx. The worth you would be paying for a piece of specific jewelry at the said purity and weight.

Gold Price in Kuwait – Gold rate in Kuwait today (Live)

Kuwait is officially known as the state of Kuwait. Kuwait is situated at the top of the Persian Gulf, and its borders are connected with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The population of this country is over 4 million, with most of its residents being refugees. Kuwait is the capital and largest city, and Arabic is its official language. The government of Kuwait is a distinct constitutional kingdom, and the state has a semi-democratic political system. It has a sky-scraping income economy due to the significant oil reserves enclosed in the nation.

The official currency of Kuwait is Kuwaiti Dinar. The Kuwaiti Dinar can further be divided into 1000 smaller units called fills. The Kuwaiti Dinar is the most highly prized currency in the world. It was introduced in 1960 to swap the Gulf Rupee and had a first value corresponding to one pound sterling.

The Central Bank of Kuwait has to issue and maintain the country’s currency. In addition to currency supervision, the central bank is also in charge of changeable the Kuwaiti stock market and the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange, and other duties. In 1969 there was an establishment of the Central Bank.

24 Karat Gold rate in Kuwait today (gram)

Showing GOLD Price of KW in Gram
Current Price 18.234 KWD
Today Low Price 18.136 KWD
Today High Price 18.352 KWD
Today 1 USD 0.305985 KWD
Today 1 KWD $3.26813 USD

24 Karat Gold Price In Kuwait (tola)

Showing GOLD Price of KW in Tola
Current Price 212.68 KWD
Today Low Price 211.54 KWD
Today High Price 214.06 KWD
Today 1 USD 0.305985 KWD
Today 1 KWD $3.26813 USD

24 Karat Gold Price in Kuwait (ounce)

Showing GOLD Price of KW in Ounce
Current Price 567.16 KWD
Today Low Price 564.11 KWD
Today High Price 570.83 KWD
Today 1 USD 0.305985 KWD
Today 1 KWD $3.26813 USD

Gold Rate Kuwait

Talking particularly about the gold rates in Kuwait, we would like you to know that gold rates change almost on the basis of every day worldwide including in Kuwait. If you want to be updated when you have to get the updates about the recent gold price in Kuwait and get the specific rates of 18 karat, 20 karats, 21 karat,s, and 22 karats gold as well.

These rates are particularly mentioned in 1 gram, 1 tola, and even in 10 grams of formats in Kuwaiti Dinar currency (KWD). If you wish then live Rates are also provided by the local gold markets and bullion markets of Kuwait every single day.

We would like to jot down the recent gold rates in the form of the table so that you can very well analyze your situation and be very well aware of the recent changes. This table will perfectly highlight some Gold rates in Kuwait today in Kuwait dinar deliberated per Ounce, Kilogram, 10 Tolas bar, and even for Gram for most of the carats in Kuwait, which are 21 carats, 24 carat, 22 carat, and 18 carats as well.

Kuwait Gold Bars

Whether you are in Kuwait or globally somewhere, gold bars may be the most excellent option for those looking to obtain as many entire ounces of gold as possible. Gold bars are available in many different masses, with bars as small as a single gram obtainable. For extreme cost competence, however, larger weight bars are better. Purifying costs for a 1 gram gold bar and a 1 ounce gold bar are likely very comparable. Therefore the larger 1-ounce bar may potentially suggest a lower per-ounce best compared to the smaller bar. Cast gold bars in specific may potentially bid the most cost-effective solution for larger depositors.

Why know the Gold rates?

In times of economic uncertainty or in any recession, many people prefer to invest in gold due to its enduring value as everyone knows that gold is considered a “safe haven” for stockholders during turbulent times.

Gold can be used as a proper and great hedge to shield against severe economic measures which might include currency devaluation or inflation. In addition, gold is deemed to be providing and delivering protection during periods of great political instability as well.

Gold as Investment

Before jumping on the main topic of gold rates in Kuwait, let us first put a damper on the passion which is all around this metal gold and at the outset inspect some needed explanations why investing in gold has some prominent issues.

The first and foremost problem with gold is that, unlike other possessions such as oil or wheat, it does not get properly used up or entirely consumed. Once gold is extracted, it stays in the world forever. On the other hand, a good barrel of oil is turned into gas and several other essential products that are consumed in your car’s gas tank or even in an airplane’s jet engines.

Many types of grains are fully consumed in the food our animals or we eat, while on the other hand Gold is converted into a precious part of jewelry, that is used in art, stored in ingots protected away in different vaults, and put to a diversity of another usage. Irrespective of gold’s ending destination, its chemical configuration is put in a way that the valuable metal cannot be at all used up, thus proving to be permanent.

Because of this, the demand/supply argument that can be made for supplies like grains and oil, etc., does not hold so well for the metal gold. In other words, the source will only go up and up over time, even if you see the demand for the gold drying up.

Further Analysis on the Table:

You have to be cautious about the fact that the 24 Carat Gold Rate of Kuwait of 24 Carat is restructured rendering to the entire world markets, you can further easily get this particular price only in Souk Al Watiya and Gold Souks which is situated in Mobarakiya Kuwait City. In these specific cities the sellers sell approximately 1 Kg Gold bars without charging any sort of charges, if you need in grams, they will simply cut the entire bar and will hand it over to you there and then.

If you happen to visit any jewelry shops you will not get a similar price as they add making charges, in jewelry shops, they trade only 24 Carats Gold biscuits in 1 Gram, 3 Gram, or 5 Gram, etc. You also have to know that the 22 Carat Kuwait Gold rate is purposely updated from Gold Jewellery Shops Association Rate, which is much advanced and higher than market rates.

What instigates the Gold price?

The price of the metal gold is moved by an amalgamation or combination of supply, demand, and also investor behavior. That seems sufficiently simple, yet the way those influences work together is occasionally counterintuitive. For example, many depositors or stakeholders think of gold as a complete inflation hedge.

That indeed has some common-sense acceptability, as paper money loses its value and worth as more and more is printed, while the supply of gold is comparatively stagnant and constant. As this happens, gold mining does not further add much to supply from year to year changes.

Relation with Inflation

While having the survey we have studied that many economists have studied the price of gold in relation to numerous factors. It turns out that specifically, gold does not correlate well to inflation. That is, when inflation increases, it doesn’t mean that gold is automatically a good bet. You would be surprised to know that in the famous paper which is titled ‘The Golden Dilemma’, the great economist Harvey and Erb mentioned that gold metal has positive price elasticity.

That fundamentally means that, as more and more people buy gold, the value or the worth of the metal goes up, in line with the demand in public. It also means clearly there are not any primary or key “fundamentals” to the rate of gold. If stockholders or investors start accumulating or gathering gold, the price will eventually rise no matter what is the layout of the economy is or what monetary strategy might be applicable.

At the same time, this does not also mean that gold rates are entirely haphazard or random or the end result of herd behavior. Some external forces truly affect the supply of gold in the wider market, and gold is a universal commodity market, like coffee or oil.

Jewelry Store

Finally, yet importantly, they’re many jewelry shops available in the marketplace; depending upon their collection, design, facility, capacity, and objective viewers, different gold rates or gold prices are established and presented to customers. When it comes to purchasing, usually the systems, collection, and services presented are kept in mind. As many offer credit, installment payments, modified jewelry. So you can buy your favorite jewelry from a famous jewelry store in Kuwait. According to our researcher’s team, they find the best jewelry stores in Kuwait.

Gold Rate of Previous 7 Days

[table id=4 /]

Best Gold Jewelry Shops in Kuwait

L’ZURDE Jewelry:

lazurde kuwait

L’ZURDE Jewelry group has concluded 30 years of experience in jewelry in the Arab world with an excellent trustworthiness level.


Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Rd Block 5 The Avenues Mall, Jewelry Zone, Al Kuwayt 05132, Kuwait


+965 22200781

damas Jewelry:

kuwait damas jewelry

This famous name is the world’s foremost jewelry, which has 13 outlets in Kuwait.


Marina Mall, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Floor 1, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 22597484

Al Othman jewelry

gold rate in kuwait al othman jewelry

Al Othman Jewellery dedicates their self to jewelry, making them have pieces decorated with diamonds and pearls. It is one of the oldest jewelry shops in Kuwait that opened in 1981.


Maryam Complex, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya, Hawalli Governorate, Kuwait


+965 257549


gold rate in kuwait yessayan jewelry

It is recognized in 1977 in Beirut and has several outlets in the Lebanese capital. It has occupied the Gulf markets for numerous years.


Kuwait City, Kuwait City, Capital Governorate, Kuwait


+965 22200619

KALYAN Jewellers

gold rate in kuwait kalyan jewwllers

It is an Indian jewelry store series owned by the Kalyan Group and founded by T. S. Kalyanaraman, who started their first jewelry shop in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, India.


Plot No-14, Ground & Mezzanine Floor Aboobackar Siddique Street, Al Ghunaim Co, Al Qibla Kuwait City Kuwait، 13038, Kuwait

Telephone: +965 22286733

Allura Fine Jewellery

gold rate in kuwait-allura fine jewwllery


Salem Al Mubarak St, Zahra Complex, Mezzanine Floor, Shop 6 (2,281.55 km)
Salmiya, Kuwait



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